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How to effectively use internet reviews to expand your business

Although 90 percent of consumers consider internet reviews to be a crucial source of trustworthiness, small businesses are still dragging their feet in establishing a solid foundation of positive feedback. According to a survey of 300 small businesses across the country, 50 percent regard favorable reviews highly. Over half of the respondents didn’t even have a plan to get input.

Overall, many startups appear to have a grim future. Ignoring reviews hurts your company’s ability to create a trustworthy reputation in the face of competition. With practically all customers relying on other people’s opinions, it’s reasonable to expect that a subpar competitor down the block will bring in more business thanks to positive ratings and your lack of customer input.

You lose customers, you lose potential revenues, and you wind up spending more money on marketing through other channels simply to get the same level of attention that a collection of reviews does.

Reach out to prior and present consumers to increase your review base. Check to see if your company has accounts on all major review sites.

You’ll need to change your company’s thinking by adjusting your marketing approach, according to Joseph Stone Capital. Do you have any doubts about them? Do you believe that the present review site systems get biassed? Do you know they’re attempting to defraud you? While it is true that some businesses pay review sites to have unfavorable ratings pushed to the bottom, the majority of them aren’t. Only if you solicited evaluations and then failed to monitor and reply to them would it be unjust. Remember that reviews are your lifeblood, and you must regard them before taking them seriously.

On that topic, in addition to requesting them and viewing them from a new perspective, a system should be in place to document the ideas, complaints, and compliments mentioned in the reviews. Though a terrible day can’t get undone, some parts of the business can and should be changed. When it comes to spotting potentially deadly defects, customers often act as some of your best, unbiased eyes. Additionally, ensure that both positive and negative feedback get treated equally, according to Joseph Stone Capital. Even if the review is negative, a mature answer will go a long way toward calming the situation and possibly converting the client who was about to leave into one who remains.

There will still be some hiccups in the road when you transition to a review-based mindset. Fortunately, there are several things you can learn today to help you avoid the pitfalls and thrive in such a competitive environment.

  • Bad feedback

Once you get subjected to the harsh criticism of anonymity, these things will happen to you. Regardless, they should not get overlooked. Be aware of this at times, even more than the favorable feedback. Keep track of every possible review site for your company. If you receive a negative response, respond to it, but do so in a way that avoids compensating the person if the poor response is from a misunderstanding. If you can’t make amends through discussion, they’ll usually back off with a monetary reward. Finally, respond to resolve the issue. Only then can your business flourish.

  • Positive feedback

Though you can thank the reviewer and end the conversation there, why not go one step further and announce their approval to your customers? There’s no excuse not to share the good news on Facebook or Twitter now that most review sites get connected with social media. Your brand may be overwhelmed by a stream of review tweets. Consider them highlighters rather than helpful text.

  • Responding quickly

The world’s top companies routinely achieve response times of less than a second. You don’t have the resources to accomplish such a feat as a tiny firm. Make a schedule that accounts for the abilities of those who will be monitoring the evaluations. That’s excellent if you can finish in under an hour. If not, make a goal for yourself to achieve that level of reaction speed during the workday. It makes mobile clients happy to know that their opinions get taken as soon as possible. It’s a show of concern.